Why Your Support Matters

When you support Greene County Habitat for Humanity, you support our partner families as they team up with our volunteers to build their own decent, safe, affordable homes in Greene County.  Since 1996, the 56 houses we’ve built represent 56 families who have established a foundation for success through our home purchase program.  With pride and gratitude, these families have been able to buy homes of their own with mortgages that are frequently less than the rent they were paying previously.  These 56 families included 79 adults and 98 children, who were able to drastically improve their living conditions.

What does a Habitat house mean for Greene County?

  • Improved Education
    • over the past 12 years, 91% of the Habitat kids graduated from high school 
    • of the high school graduates, 78% continued their education or entered the military
    • 10 have graduated from college, and 16 are currently enrolled or are in the military
    • 13 of the adults have improved their own education 
  • Improved Economics
    • The 56 homes have added more than $3.6 Million to the county’s tax base
    • $500,000 in grant money has been applied to improve our community
    • The use of substandard housing has been reduced significantly
    • The increase in affordable housing encourages economic development
  • Improved Community

                Compared to renters of the same age, income, race, etc., homeowners in the U.S. are:

    • 12 times wealthier
    • 15% more likely to vote
    • 16% more likely to belong to school and community organizations
    • 28% more likely to repair or improve their homes