What We Do

Habitat has strict criteria for selecting qualified families. We choose families who are living in inadequate or substandard conditions and who cannot obtain a conventional loan or otherwise move up from public housing.  They must demonstrate the ability to pay a 25 year no-interest mortgage and be willing to partner with Habitat by working at least 250 sweat equity hours of construction on a home (theirs or another Habitat home).

Once a family builds a Habitat home with Greene County Habitat they are a Habitat family for life.  In order to encourage the Habitat children to receive the best possible education, we install a computer in every home with age-appropriate software that is updated every year to keep the children up-to-date for school.  We have mentors for the children to create individualized education plans, laptops for college, and a scholarship program as well.

Our goal is to build four houses each year.  Each home costs approximately $70,000.  Habitat is a tremendous asset for Greene County in terms of economic development, increased education, and helping to build a skilled workforce and a more productive, tax-paying community.  For our families, the Habitat experience empowers them and transforms their lives, breaking the cycle of poverty for themselves and future generations.