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The Long Road Home: Addiction to Home Ownership –  Dan and Dana Crane reflect on the journey to their Greene County Habitat home

Groundbreaking for Homes 61 and 62 February 10 & 17, 2019

Donations Received from Bank South, Coldwell Banker, and Knights of Columbus

Publix Donates to Greene County Habitat for Humanity

Groundbreaking for Homes 57 & 58 March 4, 2018

Louie Herron Love Bucket Awards $500 to GCHFH

Community Build Home Completed

100 Women Who Care Donate to Habitat Education Fund

 Spotlight on GCHFH Volunteers

House #56 Dedicated December 3, 2017

Greene County Habitat Golf Marathon Held October 17, 2017


The Long Road Home: Addiction to Home Ownership – Dan and Dana Crane reflect on the journey to their Greene County Habitat home

The boxes are stacked up on one side of the room. They had said, “Sure, come over Sunday after church”, just three days before closing on their home sale and loading the moving van. Most would have thrown their hands in the air over the thought of company, but Dena and Dan Crane took the interruption to packing in stride.

Their gracious invitation was all about the message they want you to hear. They want you to get up-close and personal. They want you to put a face with the mission. One last time, before they move, they want you to know what the work done by Greene County Habitat for Humanity volunteers has meant to them.

Eight years ago, it was the hope of Life, the capital ‘L’ kind of life that didn’t include either incarceration or the very real possibility of death, that propelled Dan to take the lifeline offered. The judicial system mandated that a portion of his most recent incarceration be spent at Penfield Christian Home. A residential Christian recovery program, designed to “reclaim the lives of adult men suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol”, Penfield is located on the outskirts of Union Point. Focusing on the value of each life through the eyes of Christ, men are encouraged to find self-worth as God’s wonderfully wrought.

Dan says there’s a rough math to rehab statistics: one third exposed to drug counseling will try and fail in their quest for sobriety once exposed anew to the temptations; one third will fail without fail; and – here’s the lucky part – one third will cling to the lifeline and be lifted to health.

They don’t shy away from their truths. Dena and Dan met in addiction. Though their paths diverted, one to incarceration, one to a failed rehab attempt, they never quite lost touch. When they found each other years later, both finally successful in their quest for sobriety, they found a partner in their reliance on God and on each other.

But the story gets even better! Dan stayed on at Penfield after his mandated sentence. While serving first as a volunteer, then as a maintenance employee, he began to realize his God-given destiny. With his soft-spoken voice and undeniable air of calm, it’s easy to see how well he and his calling mesh. Nine years into sobriety, Dan is now a fully accredited State and Internationally certified addiction counselor!

Through a series of encounters with “help-up, not hand-out” volunteers at Penfield, Atlas and 1st Call Pregnancy Center, Dan applied for Habitat home ownership. His limited employment record was the first hurdle he crossed by waiting over a year to prove his ability to hold a job. When the approval came through, Dan threw himself in to the eighteen-month pre-ownership education program required by Habitat, counting on Mr. Jerry Fowler as his mentor through the process.

Habitat home ownership is not free; it requires commitment, hard work and determination by every homeowner. Like any other homeowner, Habitat homeowners pay a mortgage, save for taxes, learn to budget. Dan did all that and more because Habitat volunteers were there to guide him. The couple has paid the monthly mortgage on a home that offers them shelter, respite and security. Every month over the two plus years, they have built their home equity.

Two years ago, when Dan married Dena, a woman who readily shares her wide, warm smile, he had a home. When he took a year of parenting classes and applied for joint custody of his now eight-year-old daughter Danika, he had a home. At the end of his work day, while he was studying for his certification, when he wanted to add a brick patio and fencing to his property, he had a home.

Nine years ago, Dan carried every earthly possession he had into Penfield in a single bag. Now they’re going to need a U-Haul! But after meeting them, and in no time at all, you know they aren’t counting their blessings by numbering boxes. They are counting them by the names of people who stood by them in recuperation, who lifted a trestle and drove the nails to build their home, who tutored them on money matters, who believed in their value as employees and their greater destinies.

Like a stone tossed in a pond, the ripple effects of their commitment to sobriety, buoyed by the security of a home of their own, have been greater than we’ll ever know: in the influence on their church; their continued support and love of daughter Danika; the impact Dena made on customers and co-workers while working at The Ripe Thing; the men who’ve followed Dan’s leadership at Penfield toward living a life fulfilled by something other than their addictions; the hope he’ll offer as a counselor in Rabun County at a brand new (and the only) residential rehab facility in the North Georgia mountain region.

We say “Hale and Farewell” to Dena and Dan Crane but never to the impact of their story, one intricately tied to the generosity of our community and the hands of GCHFH volunteers.

To be part of someone’s story, contact Greene County Habitat for Humanity at 706-453-1718 or visit



Groundbreaking for Home 62 February 17, 2019 Attended by U.S. Rep Jody Hice






Groundbreaking for Home 61 February 10, 2019


Donations Received from Bank South, Coldwell Banker, and Knights of Columbus

In a span of four days – April 19-22 – Greene County Habitat received donations from three local organizations.  On April 19, Tom Martin and Robert Boatright of Coldwell Banker presented a check to George Rountree and Stu Scherer at the home construction site after a group of Coldwell Banker volunteers assisted with construction.  On April 21, a group of volunteers from Bank South helped with construction and then Harold Reynolds presented a check to George Rountreee.  Then, on April 22, the Knights of Columbus Council from Christ Our King and Savior Catholic Church presented a check to George Rountree and Al Mangin.





Publix Donates to Greene County Habitat for Humanity

Bruce Humphries, Publix Store Manager, presents check to Jan Broughton (Board Secretary) and Lori Abramson (Executive Director)

Publix Super Markets Charities (PSMC) announced recently a $6,000 donation to Greene County Habitat for Humanity, part of a larger gift of $5.5 million granted to Habitat for Humanity Affiliates across the Southeast. “Every family deserves an opportunity to have a roof over their heads and food on their table,” said Carol Jenkins Barnett president of Publix Super Markets Charities. She continued, “My father established our foundation in 1966 with a strong desire to see our communities thrive. Fifty years later, we’re still honoring his legacy.”

Over the years, the Lake Oconee area Publix has been a strong supporter locally of Greene County Habitat. Twice a year, the store hosts a work day on the build site, and provides lunch for all of the construction volunteers. “We have always considered ourselves fortunate to have a community partner such as Publix with which to work,” said Lori Abramson, Executive Director. “Being able to expand that partnership to include Publix Charities only serves to further our team effort of providing affordable housing solutions within Greene County”. Grant funds will be used to construct houses #57 and #58 on Carey Station Road.

For additional information, to volunteer, or to contribute to Habitat, contact Lori Abramson at 706-453-1718 or


Groundbreaking for Homes 57 & 58 March 4, 2018








Louie Herron Love Bucket Awards $500 to GCHFH

George Rountree (Board Chairman) and Jan Broughton (Board Secretary) accept check from Chip Lyness of Dock 103.9 and Louie Herron of Louie Herron Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram


Community Build Home Completed

Shurita and Terrrance Gresham at Their Home Dedication

The dapper young man pictured above is Terrance Gresham, the nine year old son of Ms. Shurita Gresham, the newest owners of a Greene County Habitat for Humanity (GCHFH) home. Habitat mentors Bob and Deme Pluta were on hand at the December 3, 2017 Dedication Celebration where Terrance and Ms. Gresham enthusiastically received the keys to their very own home, just in time for Christmas and Terrance’s December birthday. Congratulations to them both!

The house is the latest in a number of homes built through the “Community Build” program initiated by

Gresham Family with Mentors Bob and Deme Pluta

GCHFH 21 years ago. Area businesses unite resources and talent to ensure one specific home is completed in the most cost-effective manner possible. Lumber, plumbing and electric supplies, carpet and tile, windows and doors, and insulation are just a few of the tangibles required and supplied.

Impressively, many of the contributing business owners also provide the skill of expert craftsmen, either

their own or their employees, to install the product they’ve just donated. Often businesses with no connection to or background in home construction do the next best thing – – they donate money!

The cumulative effect of local businesses pouring time, energy, building supplies and funds into one family’s home will undoubtedly have a positive ripple effect for all time on the health of the community and the lives of those involved, especially one very handsome young man named Terrance!

To be part of this exciting program, please call Lori Abramson, our Executive Director, at 706-453-1718 ext. 5.

Thanks to our Community Build Sponsors!


“100 Women Who Care” Donates $8,500 to Greene County Habitat Education

There is a new women’s organization in town. The “100 Women Who Care” are from Greene and Putnam counties and meet every quarter to select the non-profit organization for their collective donation. Each woman pledges $100 every quarter to support the group’s chosen cause. At the time of the last quarter’s meeting in October, there were 85 women in the organization so the award was for $8,500. Currently there are over 100 women signed up.

A secondary purpose for the quarterly meetings is to hear from the previous quarter’s recipient about how the donation is being used. The cause selected last quarter was the Greene County Habitat for Humanity and their education fund. Dave Thillen, Director of Education for GCHFH expressed his appreciation for every woman who made an individual donation which added up to a very significant united gift. He related that the magic of the Habitat program comes from working with a family who has moved into their first new home and is in a frame of mind of improving their lot in life. When you lay on top of it the promise of education for the children, the combination is a formula for breaking the poverty cycle and beginning a new cycle of success. Today there are 75 students living in 55 GCHFH homes. Over the past 12 years, 91% of the high school students have graduated high school and 78% have gone on to college, technical college or the military.

The GCHFH Education Program has 2 components. The first is putting a computer in every new home. The computers are refurbished from community donations and loaded with educational applications. The second part is a formally documented Education/Career Plan for every high school student. The plan is based on the student’s career goal and maps out all the action items that need to be completed to graduate from high school, go to their next level of education and begin their chosen career. The plans are loaded with internet links that, when clicked by the student, takes them to sites that have been researched to help the student get the best information and encourage them to complete the assigned action items. There is a promise for the high school students who execute their plans and get accepted into college, technical college or the military. Last year it was a laptop computer and a $500 scholarship. Beginning in 2018, due to the generous donation by the “100 Women Who Care”, it is now a laptop computer and a $1,000 scholarship.

In December a third building block of the GCHFH Education Program was added – an officially sanctioned Greene County High School Club called the “H4H Club”. It was founded by a sophomore student, Jasper Kimbrough, and the 20 students meet every other month. In the December meeting Dave announced a few ways the “100 Women Who Care” donation will add to the fun. First was a challenge to the 4 seniors that whoever gets accepted into college first will have their scholarship increased to $1,250. Second was a challenge to all 4 grades that whichever student makes the most progress on their Education/Career Plan by the April meeting will get a $20 Arch Card (a credit card for McDonalds) which, from the student’s perspective, “is enough to buy the place out”! Third involves a “rolling meeting” in February with a field trip at the Georgia Aquarium. The admission fee for the 20 students and 4 adults has been waived by the Aquarium but lunch must be purchased at $13/person. So another thank you went out to the women for picking up the lunch tab.

An additional significant assist from the women was taking place at the same time as the meeting. One of the Habitat students, a freshman at Georgia Gwinnett College, called with a critical situation. Classes were to start the next day but there was a shortage in her financial account. The options were to drop out for a semester or fix the situation by that night. Thanks to the “100 Women Who Care”, $500 was deposited into the student’s account and the rest was provided by the Habitat family sponsor.

The meeting ended with a special treat. The women had a chance to hear first-hand how the Education Program was impacting one of the Habitat families. Tamika Kimbrough-Miller, a homeowner and a role model for how mothers should raise their children, thanked the Habitat Education Program for helping her raise her son and the “100 Women Who Care” for supporting it. Her son, Jasper Kimbrough, amazed all the women with his perspective and poise as a 14 year old student while he articulated his appreciation for both organizations as well.



Spotlight on GCHFH Volunteers

Volunteers. Who are these silent movers and shakers, the ones who make things happen behind the scenes? Who are the unsung heroes standing next to you while the water bucket is passed down the line?

We learn early in active community life that, no matter its makeup or creed, shape or size, service organizations need the ‘do’ers’ to succeed. On a warm October morning, I met two folks who quietly, consistently, devotedly make things work around here.

Allow me to introduce Lloyd and Jane Gribbin, ‘do’ers extraordinaire.

Illinois transplants, now residents of Del Webb for nine years, they describe their contributions to our community, and to Greene County Habitat for Humanity (GCHFH) in particular, in a purely unpretentious manner.

Jane, as Chairman of the Family Partnering Mentors, oversees the work done by seven GCHFH Mentors who stand alongside those who have qualified for home purchases in the program. Mentors take a hands-on approach, insuring that the mentees attend classes in a variety of home management courses. Eighteen to twenty-four months before earning their keys, newly selected participants take monthly courses varying from finance and personal budgeting to fire and home safety. Learning how to own a home, their first, is the goal each of these mentors adopts for their special family. Jane helps make that happen.

Lloyd is on the GCHFH Executive Board as Member-at-Large, taking an active roll in the Family Selection Committee and often on hand at Habitat events.

A pioneer in Bell Lab Chicago Cellular trials, not only did he work on the very first cell phone service in America but he was also instrumental in brokering cellular deals in the most remote places on earth. Lloyd laughs when he admits that his work on the fledgling technology didn’t translate to his understanding of the newfangled phones and watches out today. But, oh! The stories he can tell!

Lloyd’s pride in community involvement is unmistakable as he expresses his admiration of the work his wife also does at CASA, their love of road trips with the Amazing Corvettes Club of America and time spent working with the Elks Club.

If you want to know what motivates a volunteer, you need look no further than this exemplary couple. You’ll catch a little volunteer fever when you see the passion in the countenance of Lloyd and Jane Gribbin when they are talking about Greene County Habitat for Humanity. During our visit, both emphasized the hard work done by prospective new homeowners with the pride of a parent. Both marveled at the depth of spiritual faith new homeowners exhibit as they strive toward a better life for their children.

When I asked if there was a “gotcha” moment that kept them motivated to be the ‘do’ers’ this organization needs, Lloyd’s eyes teared up as he recounted the emotion of watching the first moments of home ownership – the signing of the mortgage and the key ceremony that follows.

Volunteers make those ceremonies happen. If the old adage that “God loves a volunteer” holds truth, it holds exceptional truth for Jane and Lloyd Gribbin!

Should you catch the fever, please feel free to contact Greene County’s Habitat for Humanity office at 706-453-1718.



House #56 Dedicated December 3, 2017


New Homeowner Shurita Gresham receives keys from Dave Delich, Construction Supervisor, while son Terrance and mentor Demme Pluta look on

On December 3, 2017, Greene County Habitat’s 56th Home was dedicated.

Members of the community and Habitat volunteers watch dedication ceremony

The dedication ceremony was attended by Habitat officers, Board members, homeowners, and volunteers as well as many members of the Greensboro community.






Greene County Habitat Golf Marathon Held October 17, 2017

“Sugar Run” winners Carlton Curtis, Doug Denholm, Stu Scherer and Bill Doyle flank Pro Golfer and Honorary Chairman Lyn Lott (center)

On a fine October day that hinted of Fall and begged golfers to head to the links, a hearty group of players did just that . . . for fun and for a great cause!

Greene County Habitat for Humanity (GCHFH), under the leadership of Board Members Robert Boatright and Jan Broughton, once again asked the community to unite in a 100 Hole Marathon Round of Golf with a single purpose . . . to build affordable homes where once none stood.

Kicking off the tournament, Honorary Chairman Lyn Lott, a former PGA professional who played on Tour for 11 years, greeted the teams as they headed to the links.  His interest in their success spilled over to signing team photos while chatting with each group as they made their way to the 19th Hole.

Congratulations go the Sugar Run, a neighborhood group made up of Stu Scherer, Carlton Curtis, Doug Denholm and Bill Doyle, who were our first place winners for raising more money than any other team!  Bev Burwell, a member of the Fore! Fun team, won the putting contest sponsored by Metro Water Filter.

Congratulations and thank you as well to every team member, winners all, for your enthusiastic endurance. As the saying goes, “You Rock” for committing to raise money while playing twenty-five holes of Harbor Club fun!

These area businesses “rock” too!  Thank you to Bank South and Bank South Mortgage for providing abundant drinks, snacks and individual goodie bags; to Chick-fil-A, Madison for providing their famously favorite sack lunches; to Susan Merrell for being our focused photographer; and to Coldwell Banker and co-chair Robert Boatright for providing re-energizing refreshments for the 19th Hole.

We give additional heartfelt thanks to the following Marathon sponsors: The Arians Foundation, Georgia Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Dermatology, Metro Water Filter, Military and Commercial Fasteners, Novelis, Publix, and the Rothlisberger Foundation.

And to all our volunteers who helped make the day possible, we give a spirited thank you.  We are stronger and more resolute because of your support.

Greene County Habitat for Humanity seeks to put God’s love into action, bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope. Fellow Greene County citizens, pre-approved and ready to take on the responsibility of home ownership, are the primary beneficiaries of the GCHFH leadership’s commitment to this goal.

You are invited to become part of the team effort to ensure the “win” of a citizenry safe and comfortable in a home of their own.  Call Samantha Rockey or Lori Abramson at the GCHFH Office to learn more or to volunteer. (706-453-1718